Similar UFO Sightings Well Documented in NC, SC, GA, AZ, TN, UK, and Russia

What exactly are these UFOs that everyone and their brother is seeing and recording almost daily now?

Similar UFO sightings which include light emitting orbs have been well documented around the world and sightings of the particular phenomenon I will describe and document here, go back to the 60s and are on the increase to the point where I was able to capture them myself on my phone camera on February 24th, 2017.

My 13 year old son who is within the Autistic spectrum has always had an acute sense of “things” in the sky.

While his attention is usually directed towards skyward elements that one would consider “normal” such as the moon and it’s phases, airplanes, helicopters, and the occasional helium filled balloon (his all-time favorite), lately he has been asking me “what’s up there dad?”.

It is common for us to go outside and check for the moon and identify its current phase especially when it is visible in the daytime and my son seems extremely satisfied to know that I too am aware of the moon so we keep track of it daily.

Recently after seeing an incredible documentary starring Cristo Roppolo called The Man Cursed With Seeing UFOs, I made a resolution to pay more attention to what was going on around me especially upward.

In the documentary, Roppolo films UFOs around Alameda California almost daily and has done so for years.

Cristo Roppolo’s genuine passion expressed during narratives of filmed UFO sightings are inspiring to say the least.

He has had hundreds if not thousands of sightings which have mostly ended up as the content and research foundation for the documentary.

Another point that really struck me deeply was the irony of the public’s blindness to things that are not accepted in the mainstream is also very well depicted in the film.

When Roppolo is filming UFOs on Monterey Beach he encounters a woman walking to her car and when she hears the word UFO uttered from Cristo’s mouth, rather than make eye contact or look up in the sky to see what he is talking about, she puts her head down and almost runs to her car. Cristo points out in the film that some people’s religious beliefs do not allow for any consideration of other intelligent life.

This can create a situation as depicted in the movie where things are happening right behind you, but you have to look to see them.

UFOs are not something you can believe in or disbelieve they are fact – anything moving in the sky that you can’t identify is considered a UFO.

Whether or not they are related to intelligent beings or even from some extraterrestrial origin has yet to be disclosed by those responsible for them.

One thing I have learned recently is that UFOs are all around us everyday you just have to open your eyes and your mind to find them.

Oh, and keep you camera phone handy so you can share your experience with anyone close enough to you that they would keep an open mind, without judging you as a nut case.

Here is a brief summary of my experience as well as other very well documented cases of the same phenomenon happening literally all over the globe.

Feb 24th Asheville NC 28803, USA
LOCATION: Latitude: 35.549599 | Longitude: -82.523713 Altitude: 661 meters

9:00 pm EST: I go outside with my son for the second consecutive night to see if we can see the moon and try to use prime number signaling to attract any UFOs. My Stylo II Smart Phone was 80% charged when I stepped outside.

9:05 pm EST: My phone screen is very brightly lit from just sending a text and the texting app still being open which has a white background screen. I began to shine the phone upward then downward much like Cristo does in the movie, which I have to admit seemed absolutely nuts but for the sake of fun with my son I was game to try.

9:06 pm EST: Upon the 3rd flashing signal upward I saw a bright flashing strobe very high in the sky and very far away blink back at me so to speak.  Being a little shocked at this and wondering if I was in fact seeing what I thought I was seeing, I stood very still and held my breath as if breathing might cause me to lose sight of the blinking beacon I was locked onto like a stealth bomber.

9:07 pm EST: I see the bright quick blink again but this time it is followed by another blinking orb about 4 or 5 inches to the left of my field of view in the sky. I quickly feel my heart speed up and fumble to start the camera app. I begin to record with my smartphone in 1080p.

9:08 pm EST: I record the lights signaling back and forth in amazement and after about 20 seconds the battery in my phone drains in a few seconds and my phone battery alarm goes off indicating that I have 8% charge remaining.

9:09 pm EST: I am watching 2 different round beacons of light shining brightly in the sky like a strobe light but they are blinking in different brightnesses and at different durations. Both beacons are totally stationary at first. The right orb blinks slowly and is dimmer, the left orb blinks brighter and faster.

9:010 pm EST: The left orb begins to slowly move to the right like the at the speed of a plane moving across the sky, it continues right for a few seconds then stops and remains stationary again. The right orb then moves down, to the right, then down, then up, then stops and disappears. It then reappears and continues to blink dim sequences as if it is signaling to the the other orb on the left which for the most part stayed stationary until the the last minute when it moved left and out of sight.

Here is my video footage which is not very good but does catch the lights I describe at :02, :20, 1:59 and probably at other times in the video. I can say that the other documented sightings I have included here, especially the triangular formations of three orbs like the one in Ohio are exactly or at least very close to what we saw.

My sighting on Feb 24th, 2017

Bi-lateral signaling UFOs Siting in Asheville NC, USA

Light signaling orbs in formation over NC

Light flashing orbs in NC multiply and scatter

Multiple orbs moving independently over Charlotte NC hotel

Emerald Island NC, dozens of reports


South carolina

Mysterious Triangle UFO Filmed at Night by Car Driver in Florida

Glowing UFOs with Triangular Formation Lights over Toronto

Multiple Fast UFOs with Glowing Lights over Phoenix, Arizona

On the ground in the UK (not verified if this is a hoax or not – no other sighting is this close)

Ohio Sighting – Very similar to what I saw in Asheville


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