Gourmet Salt Farm Slaves

Salt Farm Slavery

2017 – Sinan Islands, South Korea – Salt and Seaweed Farm Slavery

The Sinan Islands are a cluster of remote islands off the South Korean coast. Only 80 of the 2000 Islands are inhabited.

The primary industry of these islands is Gourmet Salt and Seaweed


Chung Jie Hong, a 50 year old disabled man from South Korea suffers from brain damage due to meningitis when he was young.


30 years ago he was kidnapped after a stranger offered him work and forced him into slavery on a remote island.


Chung Jie Hong has recently been rescued from a salt farm in which he spent 30 years as a working slave


Kidnapping and debt bondage


only a few convictions due to few laws regarding human trafficking and slavery

What can we do?

Salt and Seaweed Farm Slavery

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