Are You Ranting on Facebook About Fake News You Read?

Are you sure what you are ranting about on Facebook is actually even true?

How can you be sure? Did you check the facts?

Are you absolutely positive?

The above fake headline and news story about El-Chapo being hired as the next Leader of the DEA by Donald Trump was a part of several Facebook rants made by friends of mine

It’s hard enough to not get caught up in distracting news, let alone fake news.

So, how do you vet your information sources?

Do you think because something is from The Guardian, or CNN, or The New York Times Website that it is true?

If your answer is yes, you would be wrong, and chances are that if you have been known to make rants on Facebook, you have probably also read more than a few few fake news stories on the Internet and believed every one of them.

Fake News Stories sometimes make it into mainstream news through several different unverified and unapproved processes and there are plenty of Fake News Websites according to this list on

Before you make another rant about Donald Trump hiring an Ex-Cartel Leader as head of the DEA you better check your facts mate.

You can check your facts here and always use the AP News Wire as a trusted news authority.

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