A Recording Studio Dream: Asheville’s R1N Studio

Last year I took on the role of Marketing and Media Advisor for a new Asheville area Recording Studio.

The Privately owned commercial Recording Studio Facility in Arden NC was founded and built by Samuel Waymire, a recent Asheville Transplant from the Washington DC area.

The brick and mortar studio: Rotted One Note: Sound Recordings is now up and running with its doors open to the public. You can check out the Studio Space and Rates on the brand new website which is now also offering Rehearsal Spaces for rent at very fair prices and in spite of having zero competition.


It was the first job outside of my expertise industry I had taken in a long time and while the project was far from perfect, I learned more about myself than any other project I have ever worked on.

As I said it was not nearly a perfect project and we faced all sorts of challenges.

I would like to share some of those challenges here and not just the good parts, but everything I learned including the successes and failures.

This was a quest of two men, who are a quarter of a century apart in age, each following their own dream as they worked toward a common goal.


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